Caregiver (Photo credit: Bosquet)

Welcome to my blog! My name is Lynn and I am an only child and sole caregiver for my Father. To stay sane, I cook up a storm! My Mother passed away when I was 14 of Lou Gehrig’s disease but she was a phenom in the kitchen. She was unable to pass on a lot of her culinary skills because of her illness but I managed to pick up a thing or two in spite of that. I HATE math…other than measuring cups I see no need! I will always be an Army Brat because my Father is only retired from the military physically but not mentally! Which makes being a caregiver an extra challenging but rewarding experience. Even though I am a military brat, I always dreamed of myself as June Cleaver taking care of the perfect house, perfect husband, while wearing pearls and the perfect dress! However, life didn’t end up that way and I am thrice divorced! I also dreamed of being an interior designer and a country singer. Life has a way of deferring or changing our dreams. I ended up in the medical profession, which may have been a blessing in disguise because now I am taking care of a loved one. Someday, I want to incorporate my cooking skills into a Bed & Breakfast making people happy in cozy surroundings with comfort food. In addition to cooking for my sanity, Nashville has been a constant happy place. Country music heals my soul. I love to travel and play amateur designer. As I take care of my Father, I am renovating the house and refurbishing the land. Of course I’m not doing all the labor but some of it and I am in charge of all design ideas! The purpose of my blog is share my thoughts on caregiving, a few family recipes, and new recipes created on the fly! Please enjoy and feel free to comment but keep it clean and respectful.


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